Sunday, December 11, 2011

a roll of black and white film

The other day, I found my dad's old Nikon SLR. It only has manual controls, but luckily the light meter still works pretty well. I stuck with the 50mm f/1.8 already on it, grabbed a roll of B&W film from CVS, and set out taking pictures. I was really impressed by the feel of the solid metal body and lens. Everything just felt better. And the ability to compose pictures in a 35mm viewfinder is great. It makes my T2i feel like looking down a tunnel. I love film.

These pictures are flatbed scans of the 4x6 prints I got, so no crazy quality here. The only editing was to bring the white and blacks a bit further apart. Please enjoy this little experiment.

Sleeping Dog

Barely Awake

Morning Dew

Flying Unicorns

Shoes Up

A Lot of Sky

Cross Country Lines

Black and White Bathrobe

Smiles in a Group

Cole Posed

Tops of the Mountains Gone

Lights on the Chimney

Flash at Night

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Filling Up

Line Up Waiting

Catching a Wave Past the Rocks

A Clean Break

Joe on a Wave

Too Many Seagulls

Seagrass Hair and a Window Reflecting Light

Joe the Surfer

Leaves on a Bush

Papyrus in Light

Thank you for viewing!


  1. Aaron, these photos are so cool! I would love to see them in person tomorrow..

  2. Cole is a handsome fellow.

  3. Aaron these are awesome dude! I love this b&w album. You are a seriously talented individual my friend haha