Sunday, June 26, 2011

a last big post before thailand

Come Monday I will be leaving for Thailand for a couple weeks (with camera of course) as part of my youth group's mission team. If you want to follow our progress, please check in on our blog HERE.

Before we leave, I wanted to post a few pictures, some new and some pulled out of old shoots. I really didn't put much effort into order, so do check out everything. Please enjoy, comment and critique! Expect many, many pictures coming back from Thailand.

Santa Barbra Courthouse Roofs

A Bee See

Flags Along Harbor Breakwater

Flags Along Harbor Breakwater Facing Butterfly

Too Many Boats

Oil Rigs of Santa Barbara

Two Sailboats Before Santa Cruz Island

Masts in the Harbor

Sandy Tan Depth of Field

Rusted Handrail

School Door from Floor Level

Dangerous Red Wires

Jenga School

Missing Clay Pipe

Sawdusty Cords

Backlit Sculpture at Goleta Beach

Honeysuckle Flowers

Honeysuckle Bush in Bloom

Burning Words

Mesmerized by Fire



A Gangly Oak Branch and Cool Bokeh

Tents and the Down Valley View

A Nice Nature Das

Thursday, June 16, 2011

quick night beach shots

The other day I was down at Hendry's Beach creating a timelapse shot. The moon was out and pretty full so I had to take a few pictures, avoiding the waves that refused to go down with the tide.

Rock in Fluid Waves by Moonlight

Cairn on Beach at Night

Rocks with Moon Shine and Ocean

Sunday, June 12, 2011

drop splash experimenting

Today I gave another go at taking pictures of tiny splashes. I wish I had a picture of the setup I'm using for these, its quite basic. These involve me hitting  a shutter release, fumbling in the dark for a straw to hold water, then hitting a strobe at the exact moment I need after dropping the water in the bowl I can't see. All colors are as shot.

Close up of Milky Splash

Green Glass Spalsh with Red Veins

Dark Red Drop Above Red

Red Tower Splash on Green

Straight Pink Splash on Blue

Clear Splash in Red

Amber Hole in Green

Blue Streak in Red

Red Pour into Green

Thursday, June 9, 2011

a day at the ranch

Cole and I finally got the remaining video shots we needed to finish our current project. It did require us to take a trip to one of the most photogenic areas I know, and the long drive was not wasted. Enjoy, comment, critique!

Reeds in a Marsh

Woodpecker Poking Out of His Nest

Damsel Fly on a Reed

Lizard Surveying Bark

Lizard On Bark

Oil Wagon HDR

Red Wing Blackbird

Two Red Wing Blackbirds Taking Off

Thistle Before a Bridge

A Frame Fence

And to finish off, a quick question. Would my readers like to see a quick description/caption/explanation for each picture or is the clean look better? Thank you for viewing!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a few night shots down by the harbor and wharf

On a relatively boring evening, I decided to go try some long exposure shots down by our harbor. I wanted a chance to try out using RAW format and test out my new lens. Standing around in pitch black by the ocean can be unnerving, especially when people pop out of the dark and ask if you dropped your hat. The night yielded some great pictures, some interesting interactions and a great conversation.

Driftwood Scuplture at Night

Looking Along Stern's Wharf at Night

Light Bursting Behind Palm Tree

Pebbles on the Beach in Golden Streaks

Rustys Light House in Gold Light

Stern's Wharf Behind Driftwood

Dredge in Harbor

Looking Under Sterns Wharf with Street Lamp

Stern's Wharf at Night