Thursday, June 9, 2011

a day at the ranch

Cole and I finally got the remaining video shots we needed to finish our current project. It did require us to take a trip to one of the most photogenic areas I know, and the long drive was not wasted. Enjoy, comment, critique!

Reeds in a Marsh

Woodpecker Poking Out of His Nest

Damsel Fly on a Reed

Lizard Surveying Bark

Lizard On Bark

Oil Wagon HDR

Red Wing Blackbird

Two Red Wing Blackbirds Taking Off

Thistle Before a Bridge

A Frame Fence

And to finish off, a quick question. Would my readers like to see a quick description/caption/explanation for each picture or is the clean look better? Thank you for viewing!


  1. Your ability to focus the camera specifically on the most stunning parts of the picture is superb. It draws attention to the best aspects of the scene.

  2. Clean is better i think. Captions would just clutter up something that is somewhat self explanatory.The pictures are also incredible, the only thing i woulda liked to see is a lower aperature used on the pic with the purple flower. That one seems like the background woulda been cool to see nice and crisp all the way through. Definitely still a cool picture though. Obviously just my opinion though. Good Work