Saturday, May 28, 2011

a backpacking trip and a freezing night

This set of photos is sort of a two part deal. The first was a byproduct of an ongoing timelapse project. The results of that that should come later... But anyway, I found myself on top of Camino Cielo wearing 4 jackets in 30 mph wind alone except for the 2 coyotes in the bushes. Luckily a full moon was casting the most amazing light over the ocean. Enjoy.

Carpenteria to Ventura at Night

Santa Barbara at Night

As for the second half, nothing more than a backpacking trip to 19 Oaks occured.

More Colorful Lichens

Lichens in the Shade

A View Up to Alexander Saddle

Sunday, May 22, 2011

franceschi park

A couple days ago I went up to Franceschi Park to shoot a few timelapses of the town. In between I took a few pictures of the house and got to see some crows hassling a hawk. Twas a gorgeous, classic Santa Barbara day.

Pier, Harbor and the Islands

Courthouse, Sunken Gardens, Granada and Red Roofs

Roof of Franceschi House

Red Roofs, City College and the Ocean

Ornate Wraught Iron Balcony Rail

Harbor Peeking Behind Balcony

The Broken Arch

Hawk over the Mesa

Hawk and Crows Over the Mesa

Hawk Flying Behind Eucalyptus

Friday, May 13, 2011

a few more garden pictures

With little to do I went outside and took some yard pictures. Enjoy, comment, critique, share.

Crown of Thorns Flowers

Small Grasshopper on Lavender

Sitting Bee with Pollen

White Roses in Front of Stop Sign

Close Up on Fortnight Lily

White Flowers

Cala Lilly Centered

Two Fortnight Lilys with Spider Web

Saturday, May 7, 2011

last meet for most

The track season has ended for most of us with one final meet. Enjoy the pictures, there may be more to come. Please comment, critique, follow, insult or check out more here: linky


Speedy Face

Davy with No Arms

100 Finish


Pure Speed

Pure Speed


Leading Pack

Good Shoes

Best Jumper

"I don't know which leg is left and right!"

Front Group

Charlie Finishing 32


Stoked Justin

Normal Track Meet


Identical in 4x4

Legs in Pain