Saturday, May 28, 2011

a backpacking trip and a freezing night

This set of photos is sort of a two part deal. The first was a byproduct of an ongoing timelapse project. The results of that that should come later... But anyway, I found myself on top of Camino Cielo wearing 4 jackets in 30 mph wind alone except for the 2 coyotes in the bushes. Luckily a full moon was casting the most amazing light over the ocean. Enjoy.

Carpenteria to Ventura at Night

Santa Barbara at Night

As for the second half, nothing more than a backpacking trip to 19 Oaks occured.

More Colorful Lichens

Lichens in the Shade

A View Up to Alexander Saddle

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  1. "In a society that has abolished all adventure, the only adventure left is to abolish that society."