Sunday, July 22, 2012

marigolds of santa ynez

A couple weeks ago, Colin and I went for a drive and I decided to bring my camera. We did not expect to see the awesome flowers we ran into.

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Rising Above the Rest

Chief Flower Inspector
Yup. They are flowers.

A Vibrant Field

Across the Field

Marigolds to Vanishing Point

Close Orange Row

A Select Row of Yellow

Marigolds and Mountains

Rows to Horizon

Close with Yellow

The Yellow Field by Panorama

Mid Orchard

Down the Row

Tree Poser

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Friday, July 20, 2012

slackline and a new size

The other day Cole and I headed over to Cold Spring School for some slacklining. We had intended to film more than photograph but that changed pretty quick. It became a good exercise in strobe practice with my 100mm and 50mm primes being used by both of us.

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Also, I have decided to increase the size of the photos on the blog. This may make older posts look a bit funky, especially since most of these photos are portrait, but I think it will help in the long run. What do you think?

Steady Slackline

Down On One Foot

Bent Balance

Kicking Off

Surfing the Line

Thoughtful Before Slackline

Steady Across

A Dismount

Lowering Down

Taking a Knee on the Line

Bad Shadow Puppets

From Up Top

Two Thumbs Busy

Ballet Dismount

Taking a Break

Thursday, July 12, 2012

pear lake and the sierras

This week it was my pleasure to hike out of Sequoia National Park to Pear Lake with Robby and Davey. Our route was listed by Backpacker Magazine as one of the best trips in the West, and it did not disappoint at any point. We headed up to Pear on the first day, day hiked to Moose Lake and an unnamed peak on the second day, and headed back out on the third day. The weather was perfect and the sights were spectacular.

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Starting Out

A Sign For The Hump

Up Tokopah Valley

Cliff Edge Mini-Bear

Leaning Over

Drop Down Watchtower

The Watchtower

Lakes Trail

Aster Lake from Above

Trail Through Flowers

Pear Lake

Arm Growth

The Pudding

Point North of Pear

Cliff Fin

The Kitchen

The New Tent by Sunset

Alpenglow Above Pear Lake

Morning Breaks on Pear

Reflection of the Outflow

Prevailing Wind

First Ascent Stargazer

Starting the Dayhike

Observant Robby

I Should Know This Flower

The Giant Alligator

The North American Devil Rodent

Trekking to the Dead Pine Tree

Back From Whence We Came

"Thumb Lake" and Others

Moose Lake

Moose Lake by Panorama
I would recommend clicking on this one to view a larger version.

On Moose Lake

Sandy Shore of Moose Lake

Our Route Up and Out

Moose Lake from Above

Timber Gap Among Others

Color Up High

Pear Lake from Above

The Great Western Divide

Dead Against Sky

Heading Down the Green Chute

Our Path We Took Down

The Green Chute

A Bit Steep

The "Easy" Route

The Slabs Above Pear

A Slab Not Snow

Milky Way Rising Over Alta Peak

A Quality Crew

Self Framed

5 O'Clock

Picturesque Trail Back

Pear Lake by Panorama

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