Sunday, July 8, 2012


Last week I had the generous opportunity to head up for some time on Lake Nacimiento. We had an excellent time and the only thing that could have improved it, would have been if Davey hadn't eaten all the food. But really, it was an excellent trip.

Cutting Across

Digging In

Leaning Back for Tow

Around the Ball

Behind the Board

The Magnificent Hair

Chilling While Towed

Upset to Fall

Air Squats

Casual Cruising

Up And Flat

On Edge


Elated Nate

Punching the Water

A Bit Wobbly
I did hand off the camera for this one.

Robby Launch

A 360 Attempt

Hit It

That Wake

Around the Ball


Dock Chillin

The Elusive Bald Eagle

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