Tuesday, July 26, 2011

thailand: the places

This next set is more wide shots of the setting. I hope it can give a good idea of what Thailand looks like on a bigger scale. Please comment, critique, share and most of all enjoy!

Terraced Rice Paddy Farm

View Down a Street

Color Vent

Bangkok by Night

Building Side Stack

Temple Down the Road

Down at the Neighborhood

A Man and His Dang Dog

Clouds Over Chiang Mai

A River From the Train

The Neighborhood

View From the Door

Bags and Fabric

Last Sunset in Bangkok

Monday, July 25, 2011

thailand: the faces

Well we all made it back from Thailand safely and had an amazing trip. The pictures took quite a while to get going as my hard drive decided it was ready to crash and needed replacement. But the pictures are coming in now. With over 2,500 shots taken, I'm organizing the pictures into a few posts in the next day or so. The first installment is this; Faces. This is only a portion of the pictures. For more, check out my full photostream on flickr.

Thai Smile

Jumping a Rubber Rope

Our Helper

My Caretaker

A Large Grin

Dog Lady

Smiling Out Window

Inquisitive Child

Haunting Eyes

Drifting Gaze

Hidden Face

Holding On

Relaxed Smile

Thai Toddler Grin

Wall Walking

Nerds Girl

The Fabric Sultan

Colorful Soccer in Omkoi