Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a few night shots down by the harbor and wharf

On a relatively boring evening, I decided to go try some long exposure shots down by our harbor. I wanted a chance to try out using RAW format and test out my new lens. Standing around in pitch black by the ocean can be unnerving, especially when people pop out of the dark and ask if you dropped your hat. The night yielded some great pictures, some interesting interactions and a great conversation.

Driftwood Scuplture at Night

Looking Along Stern's Wharf at Night

Light Bursting Behind Palm Tree

Pebbles on the Beach in Golden Streaks

Rustys Light House in Gold Light

Stern's Wharf Behind Driftwood

Dredge in Harbor

Looking Under Sterns Wharf with Street Lamp

Stern's Wharf at Night


  1. aaron, these are incredible. what settings did you use? oh and new lens?

  2. these are all AMAZING, my favorite has to be the palm tree one though

  3. these are awesome aaron. keep shooting