Saturday, November 26, 2011

little rincon with joe

Although I missed the best day of this swell, the waves were still excellent today. There were a ton of people out enjoying the surf but there were still tons of glassy waves to be had. These are pictures of those waves caught by Joe. And a couple scenery shots.

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Standing Surf Spray Sunset

The Pier and Joe

On Top

Leaning Over

Submarine Board

Dropping In Clean Wave

Coming Back Down

Up Top

Dropping In Tan Light

Finished Wave Down to Ventura

A pause in the waves sent me looking for other things to photograph. More surfing after these 3!
A Giant, Bright Anenome

Dirty Seagull

Sea Grass by Gold Light

One Hand in the Air

Trailing Arm in Wave

Whatever is Going On Here

One More Wave

Warm Light and Wave

Out From the Water

Goodbye Sunset

The Moon and a Star by Traffic

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