Sunday, November 13, 2011

cif prelims: the real last cross country meet

We had an amazing season. And for me, an amazing four years with a team I sometimes thought of as a second family. Our girls posted some good last times. It was great getting to watch our young guys team run at Mt. SAC even on the rain course. Next year, you men will dominate as Junior's Varsity. Good luck to you, and enjoy these photos.

A Superlative Varsity Team

Starting Pack

Over the Speed Bump


Best Timing Crew Ever
You two rock.

Beating Camoshorts

Darn Fast

Speedy Finish

Power Finish

Varsity guys photos are below.

Dazed and Confused


The Creepy Monk

Turtleneck and Hair

Straight Thug and Victor

A Shocked Coach



Coming Downhill

In a Sea of Black

Flying Down the Hill

Past the Yellow Cones

Before the Turn


Four Runners

Gritting Finish

Blocked but Solid Finish

Leaning in to the Finish

Across Under Sixteen

Game on for Finishing

Done with the Season


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