Sunday, November 6, 2011

last two cross country meets. or are they?

Our Royals teams finished up the season in style. County Championships at Lompoc and League Finals at Camino Real Park were filled with fast times, great scores and huge personal records. Our guys varsity team has advanced to CIF as well as our girls varsity, who beat DP to move on by a single point! Go Royals!

Please enjoy the last set of regular season cross country pictures. Ever.

Racing Past the Crowd

Flying Hair

Tracking Down DP

Running Through

Rocio in the Shoot

Finishing Together

Charging the Finish

A Solid Coach and Runner

Post Race Awwwwwww

Guys Varsity Off the Line

Everyone But Grant

By the Bench Seats

Game Face

The Fastest Swider

El Piqueno Blanco Diablo Strikes

Them Shiny Glasses

Joe Flying In

Speedy Swider

Granford Coming In

The Enlightened Wright

Drew On the Big Hill

Eyes on Finish

Charging In and Thumbs Up

Concentrating on the Race

Shoe's Untied

Rocio Flying Through the Shoot

This is Varsity

Pulling Around the Pond

Swider by Pond

Charging the Finish

Wrong Shorts Sir

The Finish


  1. Finally I can offer some constructive criticism. You spelled 'shoot' wrong, it should be 'chute'.

    -The Enlightened Wright