Tuesday, December 20, 2011

san marcos vs ventura basketball game

This was the first basketball game I've ever taken pictures at, and the experience was interesting. I never realized how little light there is during a game in the Thunder Hut. Anyway, we fought hard but lost, if to the defending CIF champs. Great game and better luck next time Royals. I wish I had a few more shots of actual points being made, but there happened to be a student section in the way.

Please comment, critique and help me improve my first basketball shoot. Oh and please enjoy!

Mads with Old Company

Ready to Fight

Widmer Ridenour Side Bump

Got the Tip Off

Striding Down Low

Up For Two

Jumping a Bit High

Buzzer Beater Composite

Guarding the Ball

Running Down Court

That Ref Face

Up on Toes

On the Floor

Around a Flail

Driving Through


  1. These are great photos! Thanks!
    Cheryl (Kevin Hempy's mom)

  2. Nice pics Aaron. Sports photography is a whole different animal than most other forms. No one stands still for you.

    Really like the picture of the shot, how do you get the ball in there and not the people moving? Photo shop or such no doubt

  3. Thank you! Yes, the sequence was put together in Photoshop. Took a good bit of work, but I'm happy how it came out.