Wednesday, December 28, 2011

stalking the police

So today while I was taking pictures around the San Marcos Foothills, I noticed what looked like a SWAT team truck and a large amount of squad cars. I had already heard some sharp popping noises when I was on the other side of the hill. I walked around some trees and started taking pictures.

What I saw at first:
The Situation Wide View

Police Park

The Police Truck and Hill

Then some movement:
Police Units Moving

Crouched on the Hill

And a lot of shouting orders of coming out, dropping a weapon, walking and laying down:
A Lot of People

Hands Are Up

And they moved in... with blue guns:
Moving In

Blue Guns


And had a chit chat about how they all did. Turned out to be a drill. Very cool to watch though. Our guys know what they're doing in Santa Barbara.
Chatting with the "Bad Guy"

A Solid Explanation
Would have been nice to see that coming in. No barriers or air support was a bit suspicious too.

Thank you for viewing!

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  1. Shoot the cops, shoot the cops
    Shoot the cops, take the cameras out to pocket people