Wednesday, October 26, 2011

second xc league meet at arroyo verde

Our middle league meet held differing outcomes for our teams. The day was hot, dusty and difficult for many. We saw some amazing performances from some amazing runners and with the next meet, we will  be moving on to CIF competition.

Finishing a race and running to grab a camera to document the next races takes a good deal out of me. I wish I could get pictures of the great people I run with and the races that come before.

Please enjoy the photos and comment, critique, share and play favorites.

Girls Varsity
Rocio in the Hill Bushes

Running Past the Cheers

Climbing in Stride

Cruising Downhill

Striding Downhill

Eyes on the Finish

Flying in to Finish

Final Kick

Floating In

Seeing the End of the Race

Guys Varsity
Varsity Pack Start

El Piqueno Blanco Diablo

Nic Holding On

Running Through the Gauntlet

Hauling to the Finish

Mad at the Finish

Coming Through Finish

Charging from Far Out

Eyes on the Clock

The Guidelines

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Aaron, these are such amazing pictures. You have skills, great job