Friday, October 7, 2011

the calm after the storm

While driving home from cross country practice yesterday I couldn't help noticing the clouds. A storm passed through the day before and for about an hour in the late afternoon a little rain shower passes through the hills. I drove up above the San Marcos Foothills and ran around taking some pictures. The clouds were exactly what I needed to try out some HDR work as well.

Please comment, share, critique, view, and enjoy!

A Dark Sky Passes Through

The Light After the Storm

The Lone Tree to the Side

La Cumbre and Cathedral Peaks Wide

Sun on a Fire Break

The Top by Volcano

Power on the Mountain

Santa Barbara Mission Peeking Out

A Clear Day for the Mountains

The Dark and Light of the Clouds
Had to include the color and B&W versions of this one. Any preferences between the two?

Thank you for viewing! Please visit again soon.


  1. I vote the color (or whatever the last photo is)

  2. thanks for the feedback, I reordered them.

  3. First two are my fave-faves.