Sunday, October 2, 2011

first two cross country meets of 2011

San Marcos is starting off our season strong. Our first meet at Lompoc was a huge success with SM winning all races by a good margin. Everyone showed a great performance at the first league meet at DP despite sickness, injuries and some last minute changes. Awesome job so far, lets keep this going.

Please comment, share, critique, make fun of your friends and above all enjoy!

Girls Combined at Lompoc:
The Pack

Jordan Flying

Steady Past the Pond

A Long Blue Line

Looking to Finish

Laurel to Finish

Stoked Fan

Focused on Finish

The Girls

Guys Varsity at Lompoc:
Varsity Guys Start with Faces

First Mate Showoff

The Red Spandex by Pond

Salas by Pond

Heading Back

SM Finish


Torso or Foot

Finish Face

Ian Across Line

Stoked on First Race


Yay Team...

Girls Varsity at Dos Pueblos:
Varsity Girls DP Start

Duo Up the Hill

Holding Off Ventura

Steady Pacing It

Past the Flags

Rocio Going Home

Fighting to the Line

Pulling to Finish

Annie Flying to Finish

Jewel to Finish

Krista at Finish

Guys Varsity at Dos Pueblos:
Biting the Bit to Race

Leaving the Track

Leaning Out of the Track

Gate Boss

Isaac Charging the Hill

Determination or Tired

Fighting the Hill

Kid Speedy

Nic by Finish

The Cheering Gallery at Finish

Stoked on Finish

Happy to be Finished

Thank you for viewing!

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