Friday, September 7, 2012

mt. langley

So a while ago (back in July) we went to climb Mt. Langley, one of California's 14,000 foot peaks in the Sierra Nevada. The trip was fantastic and the view was superb. After a lot of referencing, I figured the farthest view was about 186 miles away at San Gorgonio Mountain, above San Bernadino. Sorry for the long time in between posts but I sort of went to college and moved in and such. But...

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Packs Ready for Hiking

Indian Paintbrush

To New Army Pass

The Trail and Langley

Creek Crossing Frames Langley

Mt. Langley by Meadow

Ducks and Cloud

Trusty Tent by Camp

Roots of the Sky

Still Morning Waters

Dawn Breaks on Trail

High Lake by Morning

The Trail On Up

From Whence We Came

The Long Trail Up

Looking Into the Sierras

Toward Mt. Whitney from Langley

Survey Says Mt Langley

Down to Lone Pine

Peaks of the Sierra Nevada From Mt. Langley
Definitely click on this one and view it larger.

Only Color Up Top

Nic is Not Impressed

The Great Divide of Sierras

Life in the Alpine

Looking Toward Camp

Colin on Trail Down

Deep Blue Lakes by Langley

The Enlightened Marmot

Packing Out by Langley

Trail Back Down

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