Saturday, August 18, 2012

philmont 2012

This summer, I was able to return to Philmont Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico, for 80 miles of backpacking in about 11 days. Philmont is like the Disneyland of backpacking, with over 30,000 scouts moving through their ranch every summer. Unlike regular backpacking trips, upon reaching a campground, there are many exciting, usually pioneering-themed activities to participate in. These range from black powder rifle shooting to spar poling. Times spent at Philmont are unlike any other. The closeness of the crews, the beautiful scenery (while maybe not as nice as the Sierras), and something intangible make Philmont a special place.

Please enjoy the last photos I have to publish before I move off to Texas for college. Hopefully I will have plenty more to share from LeTourneau University.

Sunrise Cloud Start

Good Omen for the Trip

Packs at Ponil

A Cluster of Tents

Philmont Hymn by Ponil Staff

Porch Talk at Pueblano

Mystified by My Picto-Box

The Tebow by Spar Pole

Spar Pole Gear

An Empty Tree

The Bear Claw Cloud

Sunny Morning

Looking Down Valley Before Baldy Town

Road to Baldy

Baldytown with Baldy

A View Down Valley

New Lens?

Not All Were Tired

Baldy by Clouds

Freeloading Tree

Blackpowder Rifle

The Handsomest Trapper

Window to the Rain

Rain Across the Way


Wasteland of Ponil Complex Fire


Cooling Feet and Filtering Water

The Tent Tree is Ripe

'Murca by Trail

Visto Grande

Backside of Tooth Ridge

Grouse Canyon

Cimarroncito Rock Gym

Blood Red Morning

Foreboding Sunrise at Webster's Park

Cimarroncito Reservoir

Grizzly Tooth aka Minas Tirith

Just Leaning on a Tree

Impressive Grip

From Urraca Mesa

Welcome to Urraca

Tooth of Time in the Distance

It's a Field. Deal.

Tooth of Time Ridge

The Pinecone Thing

To the Tooth

Wrong Tooth

Basecamp by Tooth of Time

Clouds Toward Shaefer's Peak by Tooth of Time
Possibly my favorite shot from the trip.

View Towards the Stockade

Another Solid Climbing Crew

The Other Tooth of Time

Minivan of Time

Tooth of Time


COPE by Tooth of Time

The Sloth

I Really Don't Know What's Going on Here

The Zip Line

Hitching a Ride Home

A Bus of Boys

Sunrise Over Mojave by Train

730L1 and 730L2, Two Solid Crews

Thank you for viewing!

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