Saturday, August 13, 2011

trans-sierra trek

It's a long post. Last week I returned from a 10 day backpacking trip along the High Sierra Trail. We started at Crescent Meadow in Sequoia National Park and finished up 80 some miles to the east on top of Mt. Whitney and eventually Whitney Portal. The trip was full of incredible sights with a great group of guys. Several jokes were made about my Iron Man getup with my camera strapped to my chest the entire way.

Please comment, critique, throw rotten fruit, share, and enjoy!

Begining the Trek

Lodgepole Flowing Water

Scramblers Near Water

A Bright Waterfall Convergence

Scramblers Regroup

A Pine Framed Vista

The Cliffs and Trees

Up Canyon to Hamiltion Lakes

Trail to Shelter

Hamilton Lake by Rain

Hamilton Lake by Morning

Hamilton Lake by Island

Explosion of Flowers

Blue Skies and Gray Granite


Mt. Kaweah

Sunset Over Moraine Lake

Milky Way Over Moraine Lake

Mirror in the Lake

Kern Valley

Kern River by Morning HDR

Kern Sliding By

Staring at the Fire

Last Look Down the Kern

In the Presence of Whitney

Fishing the Stream

Classic Sierra Nevada Meadow

Soaking the Sun

Peaks of Sunlight

The Cabin

A Magical Night on Mt. Whitney


Sunrise on Mt. Whitney

Our Group by Sunrise

Cabin's First Light

Formal Wear on Whitney

Classy and Elegant Everywhere

The Needles

My Trusty Boots

Thank you for viewing!

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  1. I don't have any rotten fruit to throw, but I will toss a couple of sticks and rocks . . .

    Awesome work here Aaron!