Thursday, August 18, 2011

thailand: the sights

Well it took a while, but I'm back to putting up some pictures of Thailand. This next group is a more focused set of pictures with definite subjects for the most part. The next set should hopefully be some pictures of our team so stay tuned.

As always, please comment, critique, insult, share and enjoy!

Foreboding Hallway

The Old Car

Falling Down

Fancy Food

Up the Stairs

Fried Delicious

Dragon Fruit

Ripple Pot

Split Color



Jungle Couch

In Front of the Gate


Our House Moth

Golden Dragonfly

Clouds Rolling In

Craig One

The Room at Omkoi

Walking Your Humped... Water Buffalo?

Colorful Tires

The Giant Spider
I hated these things.

Giant Death Spider

Stick Bug

Trunk at the Camera

Riding Back to Work


Eyes that Don't Forget

Decent for an Elephant

More Giant Spiders

Baby Buffalo

Flipping Rice

The Old Building


Appartment in the Colony


Under the Buildings

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