Thursday, April 19, 2012

a tiny world

So I recently was able to use the gift card I won in the SBIFF 10-10-10 contest. I finally had a good excuse to buy myself a macro lens and explore something totally new. I got the Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro and could not be happier. It is a superb lens and I would highly recommend it. Here's an excellent review and breakdown of the lens. I had a great time taking these photos, as long as the spiders were not moving. The fruit proved to be much more cooperative models.

Please enjoy the pictures! Also, this post should bring my all time view count about 5,000 views. Thank you to everyone who has viewed so far, its encouraging to know people actually look at my work!

The Garlic Growth

Green Potato Buds

Garlic Base

Hiding Doom

Living Death in My House

Chocolate Strawberry Solo

Cluster of Strawberries

Chocolate Spoon

Close Chocolate Berry

Mosquito Hawk Close

A Bee See

Daisy Close

Bee Sucking Flower Brains

A Tiny Wolf

Thank you for reading.

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