Monday, February 27, 2012

first track meet of 2012

Its here. Track. and Field. Well no field this time. Or much of variety in track for that matter. But its here. San Marcos Track and Field 2012. Please enjoy as I finally get back into the rhythm of picture making.

Stud Raker

Off the Line

Girl's Pack

The Chance to Change Things

Swift Duo

Replacing Taylor's Hair?

Pumping Through the Two

Floating On Through 3200

Courtney on the Corner

Underdogs and Some Fools

That Face

New Perspective in a Pinch Situation

View as a Starting Block

Jumping to Race

A Passionate Hand Off

Pumping In

Stoked to Run

Blurring By

Speedy Pack

No Effort in the 400

Tight 400 Pack


Wooo track. Lets make this a blazing fast, awesome year. Thank you for reading.

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