Friday, September 9, 2011

a trip to santa cruz island: part 2

Here is part two of our Santa Cruz Island trip. Check out the first half directly after this post or here. As usualy please comment, share and enjoy!

Back to Camp

Quick Fog

Oil Well Up

83-Speed Star

Safety First

Sighting Mainland

The Flora Up Top

Lifting Fog

Half Bare Ridge

Looking Back

Wasteland Hike

Scorpion Anchorage

Stalking Nature

Slinking Fox

Cavern Point by Sunset

Sunset by Cavern Point

Golden Sphere in Clouds

Windy Morning

Bright Gull

Clear Waters

A White Bloom Among Others

Going Up

Our Private Cove

Thrilled Fisher

Fishing for Bait

Hanging On

Anemone by Tide Pool

Fishing for Rocks

Late Traveler

Thanks for reading!

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