Sunday, April 10, 2011

the balladiers at chain reaction

I was asked to take some pictures for my friends' band this past Friday. After a very long drive through some really fun LA traffic, we arrived. What seemed shabby and creepy turned out to be a pretty cool interior. The Balladiers were a step above the other bands performing that night and the pictures that ensued can hopefully catch some of that.

Chain Reaction Outside
Everyone huddled around in the freezing cold a while before heading in.

The Balladiers
The Balladiers (aka Lady of the Sea)

Foot on Pedal

Riley Clutching Mic

Riley and Carter Jamming

Taylor on Drums


Band Over Crowd

Half Lit Dark Red Kai

Close on Frets
This also turned out to be my first real test of my new lens; the Sigma f/2.8 70-200mm. I think it worked well.

Close on Carter

Kai Green and Red Light Bass

Pounding Drums

Kai with Backlit Bass

Red Pedal

Pale Light On Taylor

Please comment, critique, say favorite, suggest ideas, draw a picture!

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  1. Great shot's Aaron, look'n good, great job making it looks like there was a crowd.