Saturday, January 29, 2011

up on the ridge and county grounds

Cole and I biked around on a ridge sort of near the 154. The day was bright and sunny with just a few clouds. We set out on a mission for some good berm-smashing shots, and I believe we got a few good ones. Some flowers and plants may have been shot along the way. Here are the photos from that trip:

Throw a Comet

Hill Flower

Ridge Berm Hit

Silvery Sunny Leaves

Branch Around the Sun

Berm Imperfection

More Purple Hill Flowers

Ridge Ride

Lady Bug on Silvery Leaf

Jump At End of Tunnel

Berm Sliding

At the TopDust Kick

Style Smash

Cracked Curved Mud

Big Shovel
FYI, this is the most useful shovel ever made.

Bubble Mud

Berm Carve

Berm Kick Dust

A Bee in the Mustard

Knee Bug

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